Wanna Be A Runner

Welcome, I am starting my blog for my training for my first half marathon. I really wanna be a runner and TNT (Team in Training) is gonna help me. I hope! I will document my runs and my days here so those who want to be a runner and maybe want to see how easy it is to raise $2400 for a great cause is. I was a little nervous about the fund raising but I am sure I can make this happen. A great cause TNT and myself. I will also be posting alot of motivational photos as I use these to hold myself accountable. I am be no means a runner, I have never ran for any reason prior to this. I started in Sept and have made it to an easy 3miles, 12 min miles. I am not fast but I have found that I really enjoy the time to myself and the challenge. I am a professional that travels anywhere from 0-5 days a week, average 3 days a week. So my challenge is finding a place to run, the time to run and overcoming my excuses as I live in Ohio and travel mostly adjoining states so this time of year (winter) is a real bummer. Please feel free to follow my blog and comment on your runs, challenges, and wins. Please do not comment on my grammar or spelling, as I am an accountant and am grammatically challenged on good days, so bad days will be even worse…


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