Training Begins

Well my first training run is complete, 4 miles.   I have not run in a few weeks with travel for work and sickness I found any excuse I could to sit…  But luckily my scale did not move.  Training began today and I decided to take Roxy, my boxer, with me.  She is 9 years old and doesn’t handle long runs well.  So since my training schedule had todays run/walk set for only 30 min I thought she could handle it.  We once out and started she was doing great and so was I.  The hills were not even hard so I decided to extend the run and keep going.  I was not running fast or hard but was just out enjoying the weather, the me time, and the run.


Needed this run as we have a few things happening here at the house that are driving my stress levels and it is really amazing how a 45min run can clear your head and bring the stress down several levels.  Still have to deal with the issues but I have some creative ideas to possibly save some money and create the look I want for my home.   My stress I spoke about above is money related as we have some issues with the foundation of our home.  The insurance company is giving me a run around so I have some large out of pocket costs coming this year.  We are also planning a trip to Europe this year to visit my oldest son.  But my health, weight and this 1/2 Marathon to honor my dad is very important to me.

I need to find balance but also not freeze to death as I suck at running on a treadmill.   I find treadmills boring, lose interest very quickly and for some reason get shin splints every time I try to run on one.  I found a precor cross training machine for $200, which is a deal, but I don’t know that I want to run indoors.  I really enjoy getting out the fresh air, and just being by myself.  But I am also afraid of the weather and my HATE for cold and snow….  so I am torn, do I spend $200 I should be spending on my house and them maybe never use the machine? Or do I spend the $200 on winter running and force myself to suck it up..

Now, tomorrow I am going to do some weight training and since the cold weather has blown in here in Ohio looks like the run will be in the cold, so we will see how that goes..  So if anyone has some great winter gear that they use and believe in and is affordable please let me know.



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