Another 5.2 miles in

So I completed another 5.2 miles and decided I needed to replace my shoes.  Run was good, not to hard, getting use to running in the cold, which is good.  I found myself thinking that  by the time I start to love running in the cold the heat will be back and I will be on this learning curve all over again but with the heat.  lol!!!  Oh the wonders of living with the change of seasons.

I am going to try some new supplements, Shredz, looking for some extra energy, appetite control, and some recovery.   I ma struggling on the food front more than I have in a while, maybe the holidays with all the sweets around? I am unsure but I want to get a handle on it as my weight loss has stopped and I am maintaining at 187lbs….  Sucks!!!  I wanted to be at 175 by now…  People keep talking about a healthy gut, and how this play a big role in how you fell and your weight.. IDK what to believe as things seem to change from day to day.  What is go for you today will kill you tomorrow..  I just want to wake up with energy and feel good during the day.

I don’t know if I talked about this before but I have sleep apnea,  bad they say.  I have a machine I use at night that I HATE!!!!  I have been using for 2 years as least and still hate this thing.  From what the doctors told me, if I lose weight and get to 130 lbs I may be able to have surgery to fix the remaining issue and not have to use the dam machine..  SO this is also a goal and is behind some of the running.  I have several fired that have this same issue and swore that this machine would change my life. well sorry to say but it hasn’t I don’t not fell any better than I did before.  As a matter of fact I would say that I sleep less or have a worse quality of sleep now than I did prior to using this thing.   I fight with it all night, and many morning wake without it on.  I don’t take it with me when I travel as I have come to only wear it to keep my husband happy and since he is not in the hotel with me during the week, I don’t need to wear it…   He of course disagrees as I do quit breathing and he worries that he will get a call one day where I didn’t wake and make it to the client.

I just can’t understand how there is not a better way to fix this issue,  I cannot sleep with a hose attached to my face at night.  With all the technology we have today, jezzz…  So I need to keep the weight lose happening so I can get ride of the awful machine and qualify for surgery to fix my sleep issues.   Anyway sorry for the rant…

So I am looking for a way in increase my energy as I am not getting the proper sleep and I am not getting much help from my doctors on this front.  Hoping that the Shredz product will be the key,  I have a sample and everything seem to be of good quality, taste and most important affordable.   I have tried several products via sample over the past few weeks and most had good ratings, taste good, but wow the price..   I cannot afford to mortgage my house to get healthy so I was looking for something reasonable that had results.  So over the next few months I will be able to give you my experience with Shredz products for women as they made the cut.  I am in no way advertising for them, as I paid the $112 for the Toner, Detox, Burner, and BCAA + Glutamine 30day package.   but for those that are looking for the same results you will get a honest review of what these products do for me. (if anything in my experience).

Shoes, well no trial and error here I wear , Salomon Speedcross trail running shoes.  LOVE them just bought my third pair.  There are so comfortable and for the gravel roads and trails I run on these things are sticky and hold tight to the road.   Yes, if you run on hard pack or pavement they wear VERY quickly but for me they just work and support me best.  I am trying the Vario which is made for more harder surface than the speed cross 3, my last running shoe of choice.  So we will see how this shoe holds up.  My husband  also wears these shoes for just the comfort.  My son is on his second pair as he uses these for Football,  the tread is great for the running they require and for on the field before they move to practice with cleats.  They are just comfortable, look good and well worth the money.   Oh well I guess thats my sales pitch for Salomon Speedcross shoes..  Sorry…

Well the new year is here and I will not be hitting the road until the 1st, so I hope you all have a happy New Year, stay safe and enjoy..   Talk to you next year!!!






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